About Us

Pourmonenfant.ca and ForMyChild.ca were created by family father Mr. Tony Landry. Being away from their family for years and having been looking for these kind of services, Mr. Landry and his wife are obviously aware of the needs for daycares, babysiters and specialized services for every children, families and parents. The research at different places to find this kind of service takes time and is not always ideal.

Pourmonenfant.ca and ForMyChild.ca have been created to simplify and facilitate the meetings and communications between families, parents, babysitters, daycares and specialized services for children. It allows them to communicate together and fill their respective needs.

The simplicity of our services is our priority. We constantly improve our site to offer you the best possible service. The affordable packages for families and parents contribute to the improvement of the site.

Pourmonenfant.ca and ForMyChild.ca is a service provided by Informatique Landry eng.

You can contact us for additional information using the "Contact" section of our website.

Team ForMyChild.ca