Termes and conditions

The word "candidate (s)" used in the following terms and conditions means babysitters, daycare (the daycare word includes support staff) and specialized services for child. The words "you" and "users" mean the people and / or enties with access to our websites, registered or not on our websites PourMonEnfant.com, PourMonEnfant.ca and ForMyChild.ca. The word "owner" and "us" means the owner and his team of the websites PourMonEnfant.com, and PourMonEnfant.ca ForMyChild.ca. The words "websites", "our websites", "web sites", "websites" and "these websites", designate the following websites: PourMonEnfant.com, and PourmonEnfant.ca ForMyCHild.ca. The words and terms "agreement (s)", "User (s)", "candidate (s)", "person (s)", "people", "owner" and "family and parents" refer to all the terms and conditions . Sometimes, the feminine form is being utilized for certain words in the site, like babysitters or others. It may also apply to males.

1- Our websites offer a service dedicated to families and parents, babysitters, daycare and specialized services for children. The terms and conditions of the three websites are the same. The terms and conditions apply to websites  PourMonEnfant.com, PourMonEnfant.ca et ForMyChild.ca. As a user and / or member of any of these websites, it is possible to have access to the websites and in this case, the user and / or the member agrees to the terms and conditions of the other web sites by using them. These websites allow you to view and search for candidates, families and parents registered on our sites so they can communicate to gether. The search option is available depending on the type of account you have. The sites provide a free or paid service for families and parents, babysitters, daycare and specialized services. The free services may be paid and paid services may be free anytime. Package prices may change at any time. Users must comply with the new prices after the expiration of their actual package. It is the user's responsibility to search for ad(s) and to check prior to their registration and / or purchase of a package to see if ads are relevant to their needs. No refunds will be made for any package. The users themselves are responsible for checking on references and criminal records of people with whom they communicate through our websites. The users themselves are responsible for verifying if other users with whom they communicate are qualified for the  available service(s). The owner and / or our web sites are not able to check the background and qualifications of users or confirm the identity of those and therefore it can not be held responsable for any consequences it may cause.

2-The owner shall maintain and administer his website and he has the right to make redirects from the addresses of our sites for administrative or other reasons. The owner is not an agent or a reference address to users of our websites. The Registrar of our websites and / or the host of our different domain names for our websites are not responsible for communications between users of our websites and can not be held responsable for any consequences it may cause. It is for the users to communicate among themselves, and the owner of the websites is not responsible for any problems that may occured between users.

3- You must be 18 years or older and be a Canadian citizen to use our websites.

4- As a user of our websites, you agree that the owner, its employees and directors, can not be held responsible of any damages, injury or claim that may occured by using our websites.

5- You can delete your account in your profile by using the tab "Delete My Account" in the members area after when you are logged in.  An expired account will be automatically removed from the system after the date of expiry, with two e-mail notices prior to removal. Your ad can be enabled or disabled in your profile to your convenience. You are fully responsible for your profile, including your username and password. The owner of the websites is not responsible if the display of the user profiles is not updated or accurate. The owner reserves the right to delete, disable and / or modify any user account that does not comply with the terms and conditions, without prior notice or refund. If payment for a package is denied by our online payment tool (Paypal), the owner reserves the right to disable and / or delete the user account to default settings.

6- The owner of the websites may at any time change or modify the contents mechanism and / or the terms and conditions of the site without any notice.

7- It is forbidden to post defamatory, vulgar, harassing, discriminatory or sexual contenent and other things that may offend someone, on the websites. It is prohibited to use the website  for solicitations other than the purposes of our websites.

8- The owner is not responsible for advertisements that could appear on our websites and which may cause damages or financial losses.

9- It is forbidden to copy the content of our websites (texts, pictures or other) which are owned by the owner of the websites or its providers, candidates and families or parents, as law suits could be started against you. You may not sell, modify or copy the content of our websites, unless you want to change your profile. Copying or adapting the code of our websites or its suppliers is prohibited. It is prohibited to modify, hack, or use other illegal means to access the system information of our websites.

10- The owner of our websites can not guarantee that the websites will be error free. The owner does not guarantee the satisfaction of the users of our websites. The owner of the websites does not guarantee the 24 / 7 availability of hours services because it could be down due to technical failures. The owner guarantees he will do everything possible to restore services within a reasonable time. The owner reserves the right to close websites in case of financial losses related to the maintenance of websites and / or insufficient funds to support the maintenance of our websites.

By using our websites you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions of our websites.